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Fashion desinger

About Me




 I am a highly skilled clothing and fashion designer, with experience in women’s clothing design, fabric design and printing, jewelry design and manufacturing, various decorative and traditional sewing techniques, designing and manufacturing fashion accessories such as handbags, jewelry, scarves, ties,and Besides, I have significant experience in overseeing clothing manufacturing, sales management, and product marketing.


  • Clothing design and manufacturing
  • Fabric design and printing
  • Design and manufacture of handmade jewelry
  • Design and implementation of various decorative and traditional sewing
  • Activity in the fields of monitoring the design and production of products and pricing
  • Sufficient skills and experience in supervising the quality of sewing and cutting


  • To continually innovate women’s fashion through passionate research, design, and manufacturing strategies.


  • To become a market staple in the mid-range to high-end women’s clothing sector.